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Cryptolocker Prevention Software

The world's most comprehensive real-time signature-less security software. This solution is for everyone who expects immediate protection against the latest banking malware, cryptolockers, ransomware, software vulnerabilities and exploit attacks by cyber-criminals or (nation-state) hackers. Check out how to prevent a attack using this software. Virus scanner will not scan this email as its a link to a download and not a actual file. This is how the cryptolocker...
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Make Windows Start Button

Hi everyone, I would just like to tell everyone about the Classic Shell App for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. This small app changes the Windows Start button to a menu like the old Windows 7 and XP Check it out via this secure link. Cheers Andrew...
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Avoid viruses and threats

Instructions Computer viruses, spyware and other threats can access your computer in a number of ways. Whether you receive an infected file via email, inadvertently click an unsafe link on the internet or download a video that turns out to be a virus, there are several quick steps you can take to make sure your computer and your personal data stay safe. Keep your Windows up to date Microsoft typically...
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Speeding Fine Email

Computer users beware! There's a new widely spammed-out malware attack, claiming that you have being fined for speeding in Australia. The email, which claims to come from the Australia Department of Motor Vehicles, poses as a "Speeding Traffic Ticket" and says that you are charged with speeding at 7:25 AM on the 5th July 2011. The message concludes that you should print out the attached ticket and send it to the...
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